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TeamUp launches free online mini marketing course

TeamUp launches free online mini marketing course
October 5, 2021

TeamUp, a supplier of gym management software for boutique gyms, studios and CrossFit boxes has launched a free online mini-marketing course that includes seven guides for business owners covering specific basic marketing topics needed to gain visibility on search engines such as Google and attract new customers. 

With one of TeamUp’s main goals being to provide fitness business owners with the tools and features they need to run their businesses - especially marketing - and having been approached by a number of customers seeking advice on marketing and SEO, TeamUp has delivered this new marketing series which includes:

  • Learn how to set up your website to attract web users and visitors to check you out
  • Understand how to set up and track your website's performance with Google Analytics
  • Get the down-low on SEO and why you need it for your website
  • See how to implement the most basic and useful SEO strategies to make your website visible on web search engines
  • Sharpen your writing skills by learning how to create engaging blog posts that attract visitors to your website
  • Put your business on the map and make it easy for local customers to find with Google My Business
  • Discover how to build your community and advertise your business on social media

TeamUp advise that by implementing each of the strategies learnt in this series, some of the many benefits and successes businesses can begin to experience include (but aren't limited to):

  • earning new valuable customers and members
  • improving your visibility and ranking on web search engines such as Google
  • attracting more visitors to your website who can then convert into customers
  • building your credibility and reputation in your community
  • growing your footprint and expanding your reach to possibly even new locations
  • earning larger investments and loans to support your growth and expansion
  • more interest from teachers and trainers in your area to be affiliated with your business
  • boost in revenue, that you can then spend to build and improve your business, as well as a boost in your own income
  • increase in staff and team

While the focus of this series is on online strategies businesses can implement, TeamUp recognise that marketing can come in all shapes and sizes, including offline marketing that can contribute to the benefits above as well including:

  • using word of mouth to refer and welcome new customers
  • networking with other fitness business owners & collaborating within your community
  • partnering with local businesses to spread the word about your businesses
  • hosting events where new clients and community members can come check out your business
  • offering discounts and promotions to get new customers through the door.

To access the TeamUp marketing guides go to marketing-your-business-teamup-7-step-guide/

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