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Survey shows Australia gyms outperforming international counterparts

Survey shows Australia gyms outperforming international counterparts
August 24, 2020

Australia is seeing the greatest percentage of fitness club members return to their gyms - by comparison with counterparts in Canade, the UK and the USA - according to a newly released international survey from athletic apparel website RunRepeat.

RunRepeat’s survey shows 52.80% of Australian fitness club members have returned to their gyms following Coronavirus restrictions having eased, by comparison with 32% in the UK, 30% in Canada and 29% in the USA.

The figures also show that Australia had the lowest membership cancellation rate (15.20%) by comparison with 20% in the USA and 21% in the UK and Canada while the UK had the smallest proportion of members considering cancelling (36%) against 38% in Australia and 39% for Canada and the USA.

The survey of 10,824 gym members which asked how they felt about returning to their gyms and their memberships also showed 46% of Australian gym members were keeping their membership, against 42% in the UK, 40% in the USA and 39% in Canada.

In comparison to RunRepeat’s original survey published earlier this year (reported at Survey suggests Australian gyms facing massive membership decline), 15.69% fewer gym members across the four nations have returned than had planned and 22.49% more have either cancelled or are considering cancelling (8.12% more cancelled, 15.93% more considering cancelling).

Key findings of the survey, conducted on the RunRepeat website between 1st and 13th August were: 

● Only 30.98% of gym members have returned to their gym since lockdowns.
● 59.06% have cancelled or are considering cancelling their memberships(19.59% cancelled, 40.11%
● Consumer confidence in gyms has decreased since March, with:
   ○ 22.35% fewer members returned to their gyms than had expected to by now
   ○ 22.49% more respondents have already cancelled or considering cancelling their memberships than expected to in March

Click here to visit the RunRepeat website. 

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