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Singapore Court jails Chinese national for sneaking another man into Taylor Swift concert

Singapore Court jails Chinese national for sneaking another man into Taylor Swift concert
April 8, 2024

A man who helped another man illegally enter Taylor Swift's recent concert in Singapore has been jailed for two weeks.

As reported by Channel NewsAsia, Wu Zhihong, aged 54, tried to cheat security officers into believing that 20-year-old Yan Shuqing had a valid Singapore Eras Tour concert ticket.

He then helped distract a security officer while Yan followed a concertgoer passing through a turnstile gate in front of him at the Singapore National Stadium on 7th March.

However, Yan was caught and promptly escorted out.

Wu, a Chinese national, pleaded guilty to one count of intending to cheat security officers into believing that Yan had a valid concert ticket, so that the officers would allow Yan entry.

American pop star Taylor Swift performed six concerts at the National Stadium within the Singapore Sports Hub as part of The Eras Tour in early March.

The highly sought-after concert tickets were sold out within eight hours of their release, and more than 368,000 people went to the concerts.

Concertgoers were required to undergo two security checks at the Singapore Sports Hub before entering the National Stadium. These were a Person Check Security and a turnstile gate where they would have to scan their tickets.

The Court heard that Yan searched for re-sold Singapore Eras Tour tickets and came across an offer to purchase a ticket for 3,000 yuan (S$557). Yan was told to arrive at the National Stadium before that start of the concert on 7th March and that someone would help him through the gates.

Yan transferred the money. As part of the arrangement, he met Wu near the venue at about 3.50pm on the day. There, Wu handed Yan a lanyard and a Taylor Swift poster.

They later passed through the Person Check Security, and Wu handed Yan a lanyard with the prints 'VIP' and 'Taylor Swift The Eras Tour' attached to a card.

Wu also handed Yan a wristband.

In Court, Deputy Public Prosecutor Darren Angn alleged "the lanyard was genuine official event merchandise which was given out to VIP Singapore Eras Tour ticket-holders. The accused had obtained the lanyard before meeting with Yan, despite not being the holder of a VIP Singapore Eras Tour ticket.

“The accused informed Yan that, when Yan reached the turnstile gates, he would not be required to scan a valid Singapore Eras Tour ticket.

“Instead, Yan could tailgate any of the other concertgoers while they were passing through the turnstile gate, and if he was stopped by the security officers, Yan could still enter the National Stadium by presenting the lanyard and wristband to the officers and informing the officers that he had friends inside the National Stadium."

With Wu close behind, Yan queued up to enter a turnstile gate which was manned by at least three security officers.

As the concertgoer in front of him was entering the turnstile, Wu pushed Yan forward. At the same time, Wu showed the security officer at the turnstile gate his phone and spoke to him in an attempt to distract him from Yan’s antics.

Yan entered the area but was spotted by another security officer who escorted him out. The incident was captured by closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

After Yan was escorted out, Wu still assured Yan that nothing was wrong. To hide his wrongdoings, he transferred 3,000 yuan to Yan and told him not to reveal the transactions to Singapore Police.

Ang said that the gate was crowded then, with many people waiting to enter through the turnstiles, explaining "the accused’s actions caused disquiet to the other concertgoers."

Jailed in March, Wu is understood to have now completed his sentence.

Two other individuals have also been charged with helping others illegally enter the concert venue during Taylor Swift's concert dates.

Image: The Singapore Sports Hub by night.

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