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Polin spotlights its contribution to construction of National Aquarium of Abu Dhabi

Polin spotlights its contribution to construction of National Aquarium of Abu Dhabi
April 6, 2022

With the National Aquarium of Abu Dhabi – the largest aquarium in the Middle East - having recently been completed in Al Qana, Polin Aquariums spotlights its contribution to the construction.

Using advanced designing and project management skills and much creativity, Polin Aquariums was proud to complete the National Aquarium of Abu Dhabi which houses more than 45,000 animals with 60 different exhibits within its 10 zones standing over 5500 metre2 floor area.

Each of the 10 zones is specifically themed: UAE’s Natural Treasures; Red Sea Wreck; Atlantic Cave; The Sub; Ring of Fire; Ocean Magic; Frozen Ocean; Flooded Forest; Bu Tinah Island and Back of House – each backed by a narrative and contains creatures that tie in with the theme.

Polin Aquariums designs and builds public aquariums, taking them from initial concept and architecture to construction, business plan, procurement of living creatures and development of brand identity. It aims to achieve excellence with its team of experienced architects, engineers, biologists, veterinarians and technical experts.

Polin Aquariums notes that “designing and building a public aquarium is much different than constructing a regular reinforced concrete building. Every aspect of the building’s infrastructure such as reinforced concrete construction, mechanical applications, electrical systems and information technology systems must be developed based on the project concept and its technical specifications.”

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