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Global Wellness Institute highlights rise of the ‘Nature Economy’

Global Wellness Institute highlights rise of the ‘Nature Economy’
May 6, 2021

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) has reported that nature is rising in importance and relevance in the post-pandemic era with research and commercial interest in the broad field of nature “exploding.” 

Highlighting new research papers and articles that expands on the vital importance that nature plays with respect to our physical and mental wellbeing, GWI shared comment by Dr Gretchen Daily, a Professor of Environmental Science at Stanford University in the USA that “the physical and emotional toll the virus has taken, especially in urban areas with little green space, has galvanised doctors, researchers and others to tap into nature’s therapeutic effects.”

GWI note that the commercial sector is also now looking at ways to monetise nature.

As it did for mental health a few years ago, GWI thinks that technology will soon harness the power of nature for cash returns. NatureQuant offers such an example. The start-up (using Big Data and machine learning) provides a series of tools to monitor, quantify and evaluate natural elements and exposure to nature through an app, allowing users to track the time they spend in nature much like they count steps.

The app delivers a ‘NatureScore’ to users that maximises the health benefits of nature exposure and a ‘NatureDose’ a weekly prescription of 120 minutes of time-in-nature.

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