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Enthusiasts group revisits the wellbeing benefits of rollercoaster rides

Enthusiasts group revisits the wellbeing benefits of rollercoaster rides
November 24, 2021

A  report by Dr. David Lewis - a leading neuropsychologist who headed up the 2012 Thorpe Park study in England on the wellbeing benefits of Roller Coaster rides is being revisited by the organisation, American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE).

Members of ACE advise they have known about these positive side effects for years. To embrace and highlight these health benefits, ACE is launching a focus on two new initiatives: ‘Connected by Coasters’ and ‘Live Who You Are – Be Who You Are’.

Founded in 1978, ACE is a non-profit, volunteer organisation dedicated to the preservation, promotion, appreciation and safe enjoyment of roller coasters. With over 6,000 members worldwide, ACE is the largest and longest-running enthusiast organisation in the world.

Dr Lewis’ study suggested that spending even an afternoon going on rollercoasters could have ‘astonishing’ health benefits and revealed that the rush of riding rollercoasters has the ability to reduce stress and enhance memory.

Dr Lewis noted “the euphoric buzz generated by the flood of feel-good chemicals into the rider’s brain and body can often fade fairly rapidly. But more subtle effects may exert their influence for far longer.”

If you’re suffering from short-term stress, the study suggests going on a rollercoaster could reduce your levels of anxiety, make you feel happier and increase your self-confidence.

The ACE initiative – ‘Connected by Coasters’ – will offer online opportunities for members within the roller coaster community to share their stories overcoming mental and physical health challenges through volunteering, photography, writing and more.

The other ACE initiative – ‘Live Who You Are – Be Who You Are’ - will develop places (both physical and virtual) where all are welcomed regardless of their views, coaster count, race, age, abilities or sexual orientation. As part of this initiative, ACE is launching a new ride-finder board, offering event features for greater accessibility and inviting other enthusiast organisations to their events. In addition, ACE will be launching a moderated Discord conversation that aims to teach respectful conversation of all viewpoints with guided discussion topics.

Elizabeth Ringas, ACE Communications Director advises “ACE wants to open a world of healthy conversation and fulfillment that allows all members to feel this welcome environment and enhance the benefits of this incredible hobby.

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